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Raccoon Removal St Petersburg, FL.

One of biggest nuisance animals causing problems to homeowners in St Petersburg is the raccoon. Raccoons are common in Pinellas County. They can be found in the city and in suburban homes. Left alone, raccoons can cause a lot of damage. They will tear into your roof looking to get into your home. They will rip the insulation as they try to build a nest. They can even cause a fire if they play with electrical wiring. The best solution to get rid of raccoons is to call Animal Pros.

We can check your home and locate entry points. We can then trap and capture the raccoons to remove them from your home. We can also seal up the home to prevent raccoons from coming back. We fix the damage that they have created.

We know all of the laws in the county and state for wildlife. We can help with insurance if it is available. Raccoons are a very destructive animal. Call us today to get rid of pest raccoons, 813-895-3534.

Residential and commercial raccoon removal in St Petersburg, FL.

Raccoon Removal Information

Raccoon Removal and Control St Petersburg

Trained professionals for raccoons in crawlspace, chimney, attics

Raccoons in House

Protect your St Petersburg home with raccoon removal from trained specialists. Let us know when you hear noises in the night.

Damage from raccoons

Our Pinellas County specialists are trained to fix the damage caused by raccoons.

How to keep raccoons away

Deter raccoons from entering your home. Professional trapping

Dead Raccoons

Dead raccoons can be a hazard to your St Petersburg home, family, and pets.

Raccoons Diseases

Raccoons carry a number of diseases. It is best to let our trained experts help you

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